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Welcome to Dance Process Gallery

in reaction to COVID-19’s impact on the dance community

an online gallery celebrating the versatility and creativity of the dance community, showcasing the many ways a dancer/choreographer’s process and creativity can blossom, transform, and be present in other forms besides the physical


Mia Martelli

Why keep time traveling if it doesn’t get better on the second time around? video link: https://vimeo.com/416151291 video description:Things that are on my mind currently: Seinfeld, Kid-stuff aesthetics, @neutralfood, Obsolete technology, recovery and healing, Strip malls, Jazz dance.I used the song “My Mistakes” by Eleanor FriedbergerI and pulled a clip from The Big Comfy Couch (found onContinue reading “Mia Martelli”

Mark DeGarmo: Moveable Moments 2020

“Moveable Moments” is a series of short improvisations performed by dancer,choreographer, and improvisational composer Mark DeGarmo, filmed and shared in monthly installments on Mark DeGarmo Dance’s social media channels. In MarkDeGarmo Dance’s “Moveable Moments” inaugural 12-month 2019 series, DeGarmo focused on responding to New York City’s exterior and interior spaces using transcultural transdisciplinary performative movementContinue reading “Mark DeGarmo: Moveable Moments 2020”

Anabella Lenzu

I have been working on a new dance-theater piece The night that you stopped acting/ La noche que dejaste de actuar since July 2019, and it was planned to have its world premiere on June 6 & 7 at La Mama Moves Festival in NYC, but….due the circumstances of the pandemic, I don’t know whenContinue reading “Anabella Lenzu”

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