Mark DeGarmo: Moveable Moments 2020

“Moveable Moments” is a series of short improvisations performed by dancer,
choreographer, and improvisational composer Mark DeGarmo, filmed and shared in monthly installments on Mark DeGarmo Dance’s social media channels. In Mark
DeGarmo Dance’s “Moveable Moments” inaugural 12-month 2019 series, DeGarmo focused on responding to New York City’s exterior and interior spaces using transcultural transdisciplinary performative movement improvisation. The 2020 series’ monthly focus on “body parts” comes from DeGarmo’s lifetime use of a dance arts toolbox for choreography, teaching, performance, training, and improvisational composition.

During the COVID-19 environment, people across our planet are directly experiencing new kinds of isolation, distancing, and embodied reflection. Nevertheless, DeGarmo believes the opportunities for global shifts in consciousness, understanding, and compassion for self, others, all living creatures, and Earth herself are present at this time, wherever we are. From parts to whole, we are one.
YouTube video link

Join us for Virtual Dance for Dance 2020 on Thursday, April 30th at 6:30pm (ET U.S.) on the MDD Facebook page!Registration and online silent auction now open at: 

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